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Even though there was no 'I' in team, Oliver always felt the need to push himself a little harder, do just a little bit more to prove himself worthy of working amongst them because he was a mere human with no special abilities; and though none of them ever hinted at it, he didn't want to be the one holding the rest of them back, even if it eventually got him killed.
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Oliver was watching Ghostbusters the cartoon when a special report came on to announce that the plane of Robert and Laura Queen had crashed into the Atlantic.
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He hasn't had an actual family since he was young and his parents had been killed, but when he looks at her, he's starting to see possibilities he'd never imagined.
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Prompt: "I feel as if I'm in a room screaming and no one even looks up." (Quote from Titanic)

Yeah, I have money, which offers a certain sense of security, but it's not the kind I really desire.


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