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Oliver stood on her doorstep less than fifteen minutes later, a single red rose in his hand as he knocked and waited. He was well-aware of what she'd been up to that afternoon with texting him while he was in a board meeting. She'd clearly learned that anticipation was almost as fun as the rest of their time together.

And he was full of anticipation.

(NC-17 in this thread.)
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Oliver sat in the back of his limo, his head resting back against the seat as he picked up his cell phone and dialed the familiar number. He was back in Metropolis for a couple of days--an emergency board meeting had been called for the next day and while he dreaded it, he was looking forward to seeing Chloe, at least. If he got to see her. It had all been a last minute thing and he hadn't had time to let her know ahead of time he would be there. He was hoping she didn't already have other plans.

He pressed the phone to his ear and waited.
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Oliver hadn't slept. Despite the fact he hadn't been sleeping well the last few weeks, he usually got at least a couple hours of rest every night. But not that night. That night he was wide awake, afraid that if he fell asleep, Chloe would never wake up. It haunted him at night.

Even months after she'd healed him, brought him back from the dead, died herself and somehow recovered, his mind tormented him with it. And in those dreams, she never recovered. It all felt too familiar for sleep to take him.

So he stayed awake, holding her, watching her, listening to the sound of her quiet, even breathing. His chest was tight with fear. Any breath could be her last, he thought, feeling vaguely ill.
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Oliver knocked softly on the door to Chloe's new apartment. Once the power had returned the night before, they had finally managed to get out of the elevator and used his phone to call Bart. Sure enough, the younger man had sped to Metropolis before Chloe had even hung up the phone, and between the three of them, had all of her things moved out and her bed put together before Midnight.

He hadn't slept once he'd arrived back at the clock tower. Instead, he'd gone out patrolling. It had been awhile since the last time he'd patrolled Metropolis. It was different from Star City in a lot of ways. More dangerous in some ways and less in others. After all, Metropolis had the Red-Blue Blur looking after it, as well. Still. It was a hell of a big city for one man to look after alone. Sure, Clark was capable of it. But Oliver didn't like feeling useless. And if he helped make the place even a little bit safer for its occupants, than it was worth it.

When he arrived mid-morning the next day, he hadn't slept in nearly twenty four hours. He was used to the lack of sleep anyway. He held the small gift behind his back as he waited for her to answer her door.
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Oliver had just sat down to a plate of leftover fettuccinni in his Star City apartment when a familiar gust of wind blew it right off the table.

He groaned, rubbing a hand over his face and moving to clean it up as he shook his head. "Bart, man, you gotta quit doing that," he grumbled.
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He hadn't intended to return to Kansas so soon after his last visit, but after the way their phone conversation had gone, Oliver hadn't wanted to leave things between them so strained. Although it seemed like most of the conversations they had the last couple of months were strained, he hated it.

He hated it because he loved her.

Maybe Bart was right. Maybe he should just suck it up and tell her how he felt. Just lay all his cards out on the table.

The thought made his stomach knot as he took the elevator to the penthouse apartment.
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Oliver had spent the last few days in Star City, working, patrolling, and planning.

And not just planning to cripple Lex Luthor and his 33.1 facilities, but planning how to really catch the attention of one Chloe Sullivan. Sure, he'd caught her attention already, and the sex was fantastic and intense.

But she'd issued him a challenge the last time he'd seen her.

Try harder.

He was pretty sure what he was planning wasn't what she'd meant, but that was beside the point. She'd been right, regardless. He'd gone from being angry with her to just feeling defeated.

And no one defeated Oliver Queen. He wasn't a quitter. He didn't give up that easily. And he always got what he wanted.

This time might be proving to be more difficult, but he'd made up his mind.

So with a grin on his face and his duffel bag slung over one shoulder, he strode off the elevator into the penthouse apartment.

"Anyone miss me?"
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It wasn't quite seven in the evening when Oliver pulled his car into the underground garage below the clock tower. Already his stomach felt twisted and he hadn't even shut off the engine. He hadn't seen her in nearly two months, and in that time he'd only spoken with her twice--once on the phone and once via email.

Both had been business-related.

Both she'd initiated.

Sighing softly, he shut off the engine, but didn't get out of his car, gripping tightly onto the steering wheel and willing himself to get his shit together. At least he was only in town for a couple of days. And during the day he'd be at the office anyway.

Oliver stared out the windshield for a long moment, then forced himself to get out of the car, grabbing his duffel bag from the passenger seat and hefting it onto his shoulder. He'd spent the majority of the time over the last few weeks working--either at Q.I. or as Green Arrow. The rest of it he'd spent trying very hard to forget Chloe Sullivan, and any feelings he had for her that were even slightly more than platonic.

Which was all of them.

He'd done the usual--drinking and partying, and even though the tabloids had been reporting his 'playboy' self was back yet again, he hadn't done anything more than dancing with the women he'd been unknowingly photographed with at the time.

Raking a hand through his hair, he slowly headed toward the private elevator and climbed on it, holding his breath for a moment. Sixteen stories until he'd see her again.

And he wished he had something heavy to drink.

The last thing he was expecting to see when he opened the gate to the penthouse apartment was a scattering of boxes, some half-packed, some already taped up, and others simply sitting around open and empty.
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It was the middle of the afternoon when Oliver's jet landed in Metropolis. He hadn't seen Chloe since she'd left Star City nearly two weeks ago, and though they'd exchanged a couple of emails, he hadn't been able to get through to her on her cell phone. He admitted to himself that he was worried. Worried because she'd been under a lot of stress lately. Everything with her newfound meteor power kicking in and visiting her mom, who despite all the efforts by doctors he'd called in, remained catatonic and bed-ridden.

Drawing in a breath, he looked around the apartment at the clock tower but didn't see her anywhere.

"Chloe?" he called tentatively.
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Oliver drew in a breath and let it out slowly as he glanced at Chloe sideways while they made their way into the hospital. He wanted to reach out and take her hand as a show of support, if nothing else. She'd been quiet most of the morning so far, and he could practically feel the tension in her body without even having to touch her. His own body was tense--because he still wasn't sure this was a good idea. But this was Chloe's mother, and this was her decision to make, not his.

And he'd stand by her. If she'd let him.

Resting a hand lightly at the small of her back, he guided her into the elevator, and waited until the doors slid shut before turning to look at her.

"Are you sure about this?" His voice was very soft.
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He stood on the balcony of his penthouse apartment in Star City, staring down at the streets below. His driver had called a half-hour ago and reported that the jet had landed safely with Chloe aboard, and that they were on their way to his place.

He couldn't help but feel uneasy. Not just because he was used to going to Metropolis to see her and not the other way around, but because the purpose of the trip wasn't really for fun. Chloe had come to see her mother. More than that--Chloe wanted to try and get her mom to wake up from her catatonic state, and frankly he wasn't sure that would work, let alone be a good idea.

Forcing himself to take a deep breath as he spotted the limo pulling up below, he pushed himself away from the guard rail and headed inside to buzz her up.
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Oliver stared out over Metropolis from his place on the roof of the clock tower. Christmas had been surprisingly calm and nice, despite the way Clark had kept staring at him throughout dinner, like he knew something was going on but couldn't quite figure out what it was. It had been nice to see Mrs. Kent, as well.

But things between him and Chloe were still off and he wasn't sure it could be fixed. Not that there was anything to fix, really. They weren't together.

Sighing softly, he rubbed a hand over the back of his neck and turned to head inside once more. He needed to start packing so he could head back to Star City in the morning.
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She'd saved his life.

And he'd treated her like crap.

That was all he could think as he walked the darkened streets of Metropolis alone--for once not as the Green Arrow, but as Oliver Queen, sorry ass billionaire. Rubbing his face with one hand, he stopped in a small, all night diner and bought a cup of coffee. It wasn't Starbucks, but it was too late to get Starbucks. By the time he'd get there, it would already be closed. Apparently most places like that closed before Midnight.

By the time he made it back to the clock tower, it was nearly 12:30, and he'd been gone for hours, and he still didn't feel any better about the whole situation than he had when he'd turned tail and run from her.
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He exited the elevator when it arrived at the top floor of the clock tower and he paused for a moment, spotting Chloe standing at her desk, her back to him. A slow smirk spread across his face and he set his briefcase down on the floor silently and moved up so he was standing behind her.

Oliver rested his hands on her hips, pulling her back against him and kissing the back of her neck silently, his tongue flickering out to taste her skin.

"Miss me?"
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Apparently they'd either been tired, or they'd seen Shaun of the Dead a few too many times, because at some point while watching it, they'd both fallen asleep. When Oliver woke up, he found himself half-sitting and half-laying on the sofa, with Chloe's head resting on a pillow in his lap. One of his hands was resting on the pillow, his fingers gently entwined in her hair.

It was far too intimate for friends, and even for friends-with-benefits, and yet somehow it didn't feel uncomfortable to him at all.

Maybe he was still tired.

Yawning, he let his eyes drift shut once more, exhaling softly and listening to the white noise from the TV.


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