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Oliver was sitting in his apartment, feet propped up on his coffee table as he sat still for the first time in awhile. The place was still and silent--all of the league was out of town at various locations, and he was giving himself a few minutes before he started his nightly patrol of Metropolis. He had just closed his eyes for one moment when he heard a sound that made him realize he was most definitely not alone.
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It had been awhile since Oliver had last had any actual 'down' time. But lately things at Queen Industries had gotten pretty intense, and even Victor, who was a pretty serious guy, had suggested he needed a little more fun in his life. So he'd invited over the one person he knew needed some relaxation time as much--if not more so--than he did.

Chloe Sullivan.

He'd already called out for Chinese--from what he knew was her favorite place downtown--and was awaiting both food and her. When he heard the sound of the elevator, he turned toward it, faint smile on his face.


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