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Aug. 4th, 2010 09:03 am
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Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.

Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.

You are willing to sacrifice your world for your sweetie.

Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.

For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

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"Okay, keep your eyes closed," he instructed, taking her hands in his and guiding her through the living room toward the second bedroom--the one they'd chosen as a nursery.

A big grin was spread across his mouth. He couldn't wait for her to see what he'd spent so much time working on the last few weeks.
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Oliver lay curled up on the sofa with Chloe in his arms, admiring the brightly-lit Christmas tree. The five of them had spent the late afternoon and evening decorating the entire apartment for the holiday, and sharing a meal that Victor had cooked for them.

He pressed a soft kiss to Chloe's temple, his hands resting lightly on her stomach. "This is nice," he whispered.
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Oliver brushed some snow off his jacket before he climbed out of the elevator and stepped into the apartment that he, Chloe, and the boys had spent the last week and a half clearing out, cleaning up and getting ready to be lived in.

With the help of Bart, A.C., and Victor, all of the furniture that he and Chloe had acquired over the last two years (which, frankly, wasn't much--something Oliver fully intended to rectify in the near future) had been moved into the apartment the day before. He grinned when he spotted Chloe sitting on the floor, unpacking a few picture frames.

"Guess what." He grinned at her.
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Oliver had waited until Chloe had fallen asleep that night to don his gear once more and head to the roof of the Watchtower. From there, he fired an anchor line to a building across the street and glided over with ease.

He drew in a breath and let it out slowly, his body already tense. In a voice only slightly louder than talking-volume, he said, "All right, Blur. We need to talk."

And then he waited.
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All in all the mission had gone down without a hitch.

Bart had gone in and gotten the information they needed, destroyed several key machines that should put the scientists out of commission for at least a few days, and gotten out safely.

He'd also gotten out with a DVD recording of the security feed from the project from the last couple of days.

As they headed back into Bart's uncle's place, Oliver let out a breath as his gaze immediately rested on Chloe, still seated behind her computer, with Victor right beside her.
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Oliver was awakened sometime before three in the morning to the sound of a distant ringing. Squinting, he looked at the clock and supressed a groan as he sat up, looking down at the still-sleeping Chloe. He smiled a bit, then frowned as the noise came again. He crawled out of bed quietly, his eyebrows furrowing as he left the bedroom and headed downstairs where he'd left his phone.

Frankly, he was married to and lived with the only person he was in contact with on an sort of regular basis, so he generally left his phone elsewhere at night. Raking a hand through his hair, he crossed the floor of the living room, picking it up off the table.


He sucked in a surprised breath and quickly flipped the phone open, pressing it to his ear. "I'm here."
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Within two hours, the Watchtower had been transformed into a place filled with dozens of tulips in every color that tulips came in. Vases of them were set on every available surface, including the stairs.

Oliver stood in the living room, dressed in a tuxedo and a black bow-tie. He had never imagined getting married before 30. Hell, he'd never imagined getting married at all. It had never been in his plans, especially considering his double life. But as he stood waiting for the judge to arrive, he wondered why he'd so easily thrown the idea out the window. Now, being married and having a family seemed to be the most important thing he could do.

Especially with Chloe.

His gut clenched at the thought of her upstairs, getting ready to marry him. He was pretty sure no one had seen this turn of events coming. Then again, no one had been around to witness how their lives had changed over the last year and a half. It had just been the two of them.

A picture across the room caught his eye and he drew in a breath, slowly moving over to pick it up. It was a framed picture of Jimmy and Chloe on their wedding day. He stared at it for a long moment. It seemed like so long ago now, but in reality it hadn't been all that long. "I'll take care of her," he whispered with a faint smile. "I promise." He set the picture down once more as the doorbell rang.

This was it.

He was getting married.
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I mostly play Ollie based on how I perceive him from Smallville. Lately, however, I've also been reading some of the Green Arrow comic books and graphic novels, so the more I do that, the more I find myself adding in bits of his personality from there, as well.

His personality in this journal varies amongst the universes he's placed in, which I will explain, as it's the purpose of this whole entry.

The verse first I'm going to address, not surprisingly to those who read this, is Metropolis verse.

Metropolis. )

* * *

Lost. )

* * *

Savior verse. )

* * *

Canon and Canon (sort of). )

Please feel free to ask questions in response to this post, or make your own comments or whatnot. I'm always, always up for a good conversation regarding Oliver/Green Arrow. :D
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Oliver was awake early the next morning, and for the first time in a very long time he felt not only relaxed, but peaceful. And looking down at Chloe in his arms and seeing the peaceful look on her face, as well, made him smile faintly. He pressed a tender kiss to her forehead and gently shifted positions, crawling out of the bed and then covering her with the blanket. He smiled a little more when she went on sleeping and he got dressed quietly, raking a hand through his hair.

Taking a moment to jot a quick note to let her note he was going out to get them some coffee and breakfast, he left it on the bed beside her and headed down the stairs.

Within a half hour, he was heading out of the coffee shop down the street, two cups of coffee and a bag of bagels and cream cheese, and a copy of the morning's Daily Planet.

He grinned as he read the front page headline, Green Arrow and New Sidekick Save Lives at Local Convenience Store, and then another article under it about the mugging they'd stopped. He couldn't wait to show Chloe.

As he made his way up the steps toward the Watchtower, skimming over the article, he felt another presence and looked up from the paper, freezing in his tracks as he spotted Clark standing there in a black shirt, black jeans, and a long black trench coat. There was some symbol with an S in the middle on the shirt, which some part of his brain chalked up to one of those alien things, but the rest of his brain just didn't give a damn about at all.
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It had taken him three days to track her down using his satellites and the computers in the Watchtower. It wouldn't have taken so long, but he didn't want Chloe to know what he was doing and keeping things from her when they lived together wasn't exactly easy. That and the fact he wasn't nearly as good with the technology as she was, kept him from finding her and the information he needed any sooner.

That afternoon, as Chloe lay in bed napping, Oliver snuck out of the room with his cell phone and headed down the stairs as he dialed the number he'd located.

He hit 'send' and waited as it began to ring.
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Oliver wasn't in the greatest of moods as he walked back from his office at Queen Industries. His car hadn't started that morning, which any other time would have been fine. Except today was his first day returning to his company for any reason in the last ten months, and he'd been late for a meeting waiting on a taxi.

Chloe had mentioned something about going out grocery shopping to pick up a few things they needed at the Watchtower, and while he wasn't thrilled at the prospect of her going out alone, it was daytime. And it wasn't like he owned her, or he could lock her up somewhere. He wouldn't do that anyway.

He sighed softly, raking a hand through his hair as he unlocked the front door. He was surprised to find her sitting on the sofa, her face pale and tear-stained. Immediately a knot formed in his stomach.

Something was wrong.

"Chloe?" He quickly shut the door and moved over to her.
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When Oliver awoke hours later, the normally-dim room was filled with bright light. He groaned involuntarily, rolling over onto his side in an attempt to get rid of it, and wincing as he literally fell off the chair he'd fallen asleep in. "Shit," he grumbled, letting out a breath.
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Much to his relief, Dr. Hamilton had examined Chloe and assured them both she was completely fine and healthy. Driving them back to the Watchtower after the appointment, Oliver found himself feeling much more relaxed than he had been since her ability had returned. He glanced at her sideways.

"We should so something fun."
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In the days following Chloe's death and resurrection, Oliver watched her even more closely than usual. Some part of him wondered if he was annoying her with his constant presence and inability to let her out of his sight for more than two minutes, but if she was annoyed, it never showed.

His dreams were filled with hellish images of her still, lifeless body in his arms and every time he would awaken to find her gazing down at him, her hands against his face, and her lips pressing to his. It was strange how something so simple as a kiss was so complicated and yet comforting when it came to Chloe Sullivan. It was equal parts right and wrong, but neither of them seemed to question those things, and if they did, they certainly didn't speak of it.

Now as he sat at the kitchen table watching her practice the simple training routine he'd began with her a week ago, he found himself unable to remember what life had been like before this.
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He hasn't had an actual family since he was young and his parents had been killed, but when he looks at her, he's starting to see possibilities he'd never imagined.
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Oliver sat still and silent beside her bedside.

She'd told him she'd be okay, to take her back to the Watchtower, and let her sleep, and that's what he'd done. And as soon as he'd lain her down, he'd pressed his fingers to her throat and realized, much to his horror, that she had no pulse. He'd tried for a half-hour to revive her with CPR, and his fingers had itched to call 911.

But he knew that if he'd been unable to revive her in that time, there was no point.

He simply sat there, tears in his eyes, her hand cradled in his, holding her hand against his cheek.

She was gone.

Nothing else mattered.
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The feel of the green leather suit against his skin was both familiar and unsettling as he'd donned his gear a week later. It was too soon for his ribs to have completely healed, but he'd finished off his painkillers, and told Chloe he felt fine. Which was half-true. He felt better, but the pain wasn't completely gone.

She'd insisted on coming with him, and after a brief argument, he'd given in. More because he didn't want to leave her at the Watch tower alone. Now as they stood on the rooftop of a cafe a few blocks from the Daily Planet, his gaze was focused in on three guys below approaching a woman who had dropped her purse while trying to get in her car.

"Here we go." He aimed an anchor line at a shorter building and glanced at her sideways.
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Oliver was silent and tense as Chloe pulled her car into a parking space a couple blocks from the underground fighting circuit. He glanced at her sideways, then pulled the green hoodie up over his head.

"Stay close," he said quietly, reaching out and pulling the hoodie up over her hair, as well.


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