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The party is in a large, classically-decorated ballroom, hundreds and hundreds of tiny white lights brighten the room.

A live orchestra is playing in one corner of the room, waiters and waitresses handing out Hors d'oeuvres from silver trays, along with glasses of fine wine and champagne.

Open twitter-verse based thread, but feel free to tag even if you're not necessarily in the verse, if your character wants to attend or has a passion for the cause.


Feb. 3rd, 2011 12:12 pm
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Your Dominant Personality Trait is Sensitivity

You are a warm, friendly, and considerate person. You think it's important to treat others well.

You work well in groups. You love to cooperate, and you are a true team player.

No one would ever accuse you of being selfish. You are sensitive to others' points of view.

You notice other people's moods and take them into account. You try to make sure everyone is happy.


Jan. 27th, 2011 11:24 am
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You Are Chili Fries

You are a freedom loving wild child. You have to be given the space to do your own thing.

You are curious about the world and extremely adventurous. Once you hear about something, you want to try it.

You are expansive and carefree. You don't take anything too seriously. You especially don't take yourself too seriously!

You have a great sense of humor, and you roll with the punches. You are definitely the opposite of a control freak.

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Oliver made his way across Metropolis in under fifteen minutes, which considering mid-day traffic was pretty good. He parked the car in the parking lot of the high school and slid the keys into his pocket as he climbed out and headed toward the door. Opening it, he stepped inside and made his way to the front office, worry knotting his stomach.

She'd been so tired lately. He was glad he'd texted Chloe, and that Emil would be coming over to Watchtower to check on Mia.

Drawing in a breath, he walked inside the office, spotting Mia lying down on the couch. "Mia?" His voice was soft.
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On my way to get Mia from school. She fell asleep in class and then in detention. Be home soon. Love you.
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Hey guys. So it's been quite awhile since we've done much with Twitter verse, for various reasons. Just wondering who is still around and wanting to play. Thought maybe we could start tossing around plot ideas soon for those still interested! :)

Please respond in some manner to this post if you're still here and wanting to play!
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You Are Happy New Year

You aren't really that big on the holidays, but they do mark a milestone each year.

You're a big fan of "out with the old and in with the new." You look forward to a fresh start.

You anticipate the clock rolling over to 12:01 and the new year beginning. You try to create your own beginning along with it.

And even if you're not sure if any of your resolutions will stick, you're happy to wish everyone "Happy New Year!"

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Oliver hated hospitals.

And if he never saw another one for the rest of his life, it would be too soon. He paced the waiting room floor slowly, back and forth as they awaited news on Michael's condition.

"This is ridiculous," he mumbled.

Tagging order: Chloe, Mia, Michael, Ollie.
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LiveJournal Username
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Ten minutes later, Oliver stepped outside Watchtower, waiting for his sort-of-nephew. He sat down on the steps, shivering a little involuntarily as a cold wind cut right through his jacket.


Nov. 9th, 2010 11:53 am
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You Are an Angel of Death

You tend to have a dark sense of humor, but you are not as morbid as some people would expect.

You are bold and courageous. You're willing to do what others won't do... and to face what others won't face.

You are very observant and wise. You have amazing insight into other people's lives, but they are also scared of what you know.

You are eccentric, extremely quirky, and a bit of a loner. You have unusual interests that others don't share.

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Oliver slowly paced the length of the room as they awaited the blood test results. He knew that Bart would be there shortly with Mia, and he'd sent another text to Michael letting them know where they were and that he should come, too. The rest of the team--AC, Vic, and Dinah, along with Clark--he assumed--were out on the streets trying to round up the Belle Reeve escapees.

But that situation couldn't be farther from his mind right then.

Not when he was about to find out whether or not he was about to be a father.

Every time he started thinking about that, he tried to make himself stop, to little avail. He didn't know the first thing about being a dad. He certainly didn't know anything about babies. Sure, he hadn't managed to screw up Mia and Mike in the weeks they were five year olds, but that didn't mean he was qualified for anything more than that.

On the other hand, the thought of a tiny life growing inside of Chloe, the idea that it was a tiny life the two of them had created from love, made his chest feel warm. And he couldn't help but hope that her instincts were right.

He wasn't aware of the fact that he was pacing until he heard Chloe clear her throat from where she sat on the exam table.

Posting order: Chloe, Lois, Mia, Michael, Ollie.
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Oliver waited for Mia to pick up her phone as he paced the hallway nervously.
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He sat at his desk at LuthorCorp, still and silent, watching the clock intently. Only a half an hour left to go before he went public with his big announcement. His heart was beating quickly in his chest, his face a little paler than usual.

It was going to create a media circus, but it had to be done.

Come after me, you bastards, he thought silently, his stomach tight as he thought again what they might be doing to Chloe.

If this was the price he had to pay, he would do it, and gladly.

Even if he was slightly terrified.


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