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Oliver stood on the roof of the Luthor mansion, where Clark had dropped him off. Much as he hated to admit it, his stomach was a bit queasy from the all-too-fast trip from Metropolis to Smallville. He watched in the shadows as Lex took off in one of his cars and he smirked. This was going to be a piece of cake.

Within moments, he was inside the mansion, glad that Vic had been in town and had disabled all the security cameras. That would definitely make it easier. For once, he didn't want to have some kind of showdown with Lex. He wanted to get what he came for, get out and get back to Chloe. Granted, Clark was with her again, but he still felt uneasy being so far away from her with Davis back in town.

Lost in his thoughts as he moved down the long corridor, he didn't notice a figure stepping out of one the rooms.
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Like a scene in particular? Don't agree Oliver would act the way he did at some point? Have an idea for a storyline for the universe? Let me know here. I'm always happy to have feedback of all kinds! :D

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