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The drive back to the clock tower was long and silent. He wanted to ask her what had happened, but he knew her well enough to know she needed some time to sort it out in her own mind before he started asking questions. It was no secret to anyone who knew them that Chloe and Tess pretty much hated one another, and had since they'd first met. He knew there were a lot of reasons behind that hatred, and frankly he didn't think it was something either of them were going to be getting past anytime in the near future.

He shut the car off once it was in the underground parking lot beneath the tower, and glanced over at her. When she didn't make a move, he slowly climbed out of the car and moved around to the passenger side, opening the door silently and unfastening her seatbelt.

"Put your arms around my neck," he said softly, wincing at the large bruise that was already forming beneath her right eye.
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It was a quiet night in Metropolis, Kansas.

Which considering the recent crime-wave that had brought him to the city in the first place, was highly unusual.

He watched the LuthorCorp building silently from a few rooftops away. Maybe it was time to get down to the other thing that had brought him to Kansas. Nodding slightly, he ran across the roof and jumped over to the next building, a little shorter building than the one he'd just been on.

He was about to fire a zipline to the company building when he spotted a figure down below, looking a little too interested in...picking the door lock?

He raised his eyebrows behind the dark glasses he wore and watched her for a moment. He couldn't exactly break in if someone else was already breaking in.

Which meant he'd have to confront her.

At least the night was about to get more interesting.
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Oddly enough, as the days came and went in a blur, the two of them fell into a routine of sorts. Wake up in the morning, he would fix breakfast, they'd watch a movie and take Nellie out for a walk on the beach. Then they'd eat lunch--either last night's leftovers, or take-out of some kind. After lunch, it was either napping or another movie, another walk on the beach, and dinner. Then early bed--together in his room, where they lay side-by-side silently until they fell asleep.

Neither of them talked a lot. He had nothing to say, really, that he hadn't already said a hundred times, and he tended to go completely silent if she brought up anything about Green Arrow.
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Metropolis was not the same as when he'd left four years ago.

He found himself walking slowly down the sidewalks of the city, a little taken back at how rundown things appeared. Buildings all over the city were littered with graffiti, and many had cracked or even broken windows. There was trash lining the gutters and streets.

Feeling wary, he made his way across the city and to the park, drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly as he sat down on a park bench, rubbing his hands over his face as he stared into the distance, his expression dazed.
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Oliver stood on the balcony of his penthouse suite apartment that night, staring blankly out over the city, then finished off the glass of whiskey, shutting his eyes as the liquid burned his throat all the way down. Letting out a breath, he pushed himself away from the railing and moved to set the glass down.

Lex Luthor was alive.

He was still trying to wrap his mind around that information. He didn't really understand how it was even possible. He rubbed a hand over his face as he made his way back into the penthouse.

The silence was shattered by the ringing of the telephone. He debated for a moment whether to bother answering it at all. It was either someone from Queen Industries calling with a work question, or it was a telemarketer. It was the only two kinds of calls he ever got.

Sighing as he glanced at the caller ID, he rolled his eyes at the 'Number Unavailable' reading.



He picked up the phone and pressed it to his ear. "So what are we selling tonight?" His voice was flat.
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Oliver made his way across Metropolis in under fifteen minutes, which considering mid-day traffic was pretty good. He parked the car in the parking lot of the high school and slid the keys into his pocket as he climbed out and headed toward the door. Opening it, he stepped inside and made his way to the front office, worry knotting his stomach.

She'd been so tired lately. He was glad he'd texted Chloe, and that Emil would be coming over to Watchtower to check on Mia.

Drawing in a breath, he walked inside the office, spotting Mia lying down on the couch. "Mia?" His voice was soft.
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Oliver hated hospitals.

And if he never saw another one for the rest of his life, it would be too soon. He paced the waiting room floor slowly, back and forth as they awaited news on Michael's condition.

"This is ridiculous," he mumbled.

Tagging order: Chloe, Mia, Michael, Ollie.
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Oliver moved around the clock tower's kitchen, setting out food on platters and getting things ready. He'd decided to have Thanksgiving at the clock tower rather than Watchtower because it was bigger than their apartment at Watchtower, and this way people who didn't have access to Watchtower could show up.

[Heading out for a few hours, but this is open to anyone who wants to tag.]
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Ten minutes later, Oliver stepped outside Watchtower, waiting for his sort-of-nephew. He sat down on the steps, shivering a little involuntarily as a cold wind cut right through his jacket.
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Oliver slowly paced the length of the room as they awaited the blood test results. He knew that Bart would be there shortly with Mia, and he'd sent another text to Michael letting them know where they were and that he should come, too. The rest of the team--AC, Vic, and Dinah, along with Clark--he assumed--were out on the streets trying to round up the Belle Reeve escapees.

But that situation couldn't be farther from his mind right then.

Not when he was about to find out whether or not he was about to be a father.

Every time he started thinking about that, he tried to make himself stop, to little avail. He didn't know the first thing about being a dad. He certainly didn't know anything about babies. Sure, he hadn't managed to screw up Mia and Mike in the weeks they were five year olds, but that didn't mean he was qualified for anything more than that.

On the other hand, the thought of a tiny life growing inside of Chloe, the idea that it was a tiny life the two of them had created from love, made his chest feel warm. And he couldn't help but hope that her instincts were right.

He wasn't aware of the fact that he was pacing until he heard Chloe clear her throat from where she sat on the exam table.

Posting order: Chloe, Lois, Mia, Michael, Ollie.
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Oliver waited for Mia to pick up her phone as he paced the hallway nervously.
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He sat at his desk at LuthorCorp, still and silent, watching the clock intently. Only a half an hour left to go before he went public with his big announcement. His heart was beating quickly in his chest, his face a little paler than usual.

It was going to create a media circus, but it had to be done.

Come after me, you bastards, he thought silently, his stomach tight as he thought again what they might be doing to Chloe.

If this was the price he had to pay, he would do it, and gladly.

Even if he was slightly terrified.
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He was grinning as he made his way into Watchtower a little after noon that day. He hadn't been entirely honest with her before when he'd told her was taking the afternoon off. Truthfully he'd taken the whole day off. But the white lie was a necessary evil for what he had planned.

"Chloe?" He glanced around, then grinned when he spotted her upstairs at one of the computers.
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Oliver sat heavily on the steps of Watchtower, his shoulders slumped as he waited for Lois and the kids to show up. Sam and Dean had returned a few minutes before, and while Dean was leaning against the wall, Sam was staring at the computer equipment with something akin to fascination on his face.

He drew in a breath and glanced up as he heard Lois and the kids making their way into the room, and he rose to his feet slowly, despite his body's protests.


(Tag order Lois, Michael, Mia, Ollie, Dean and Sam?)
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Oliver was exhausted, but he paced the floor of Watchtower despite the pain and tiredness. Emil had already come by, advised him to rest for the next several days, saying that in addition to a concussion, Oliver likely had broken ribs and other fractures. In fact, Emil had wanted him to come to the hospital with him for x-rays, but he'd flat-out refused. There wasn't time for that.

Not when Chloe was missing.

But he was going to need all hands on deck for this one, and the first thing he had to do was call Lois and make sure the kids were with her and that the three of them were safe.

He dialed her cell number and waited. "Are Mia and Michael with you?" he asked by way of greeting the second she said 'hello.'


Oct. 18th, 2010 09:52 am
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Everything hurt.

He wasn't even sure how he'd gotten back to Watchtower as he awoke from blissful unconsciousness feeling like he'd been hit by a steam roller.

He groaned, then winced when he discovered that even breathing hurt. A sign that he had at least one or more broken ribs.


But he was alive, somehow.

And he'd been pretty sure that he wasn't going to survive. Between the beatings and the tasers and whatever else they'd tortured him with, he'd had no reason to think he was going to live through it.

But there he was, on the bottom floor of Watchtower, facedown on the cold floor. Swallowing hard, he tried to push himself up, without success. He blew out a breath and let his eyes drift shut once more.

He needed to get upstairs.

He needed to see Chloe. She was probably beyond freaked out. He didn't even know how long he'd been gone.

He gritted his teeth together and tried to push himself out once more, a sharp pain cutting through him at the effort.

The world spun violently.

And then grew dark once more.
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It had been a routine patrol gone very, very wrong.

One minute he was stopping a mugging and the next there was a sharp pain in the back of his skull and he was eating the pavement a second later. And now, he didn't even know where the hell he was, because he was blindfolded, his arms tied very tightly behind his back.

And he was naked.

He shivered involuntarily, his feet in a cold puddle on the floor, his legs bound to the chair he was in. This was all leading him to the conclusion that something not good was happening.

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Oliver quietly shut the door to the room Michael and Mia were now both asleep in. Usually they slept in different rooms, but they'd been playing and Michael had fallen asleep. Plus they were just little kids. He wasn't too worried about it.


He drew in a breath and let it out slowly, making his way down the hall and spotting Chloe as she made her way in the front door. He smiled faintly. It felt like it had been an eternity since he'd last seen her, even if it had just been since that morning at breakfast. But it had been a brief time, and that's the way all of their meetings seemed to be these days. Especially since Michael and Mia had been turned into kids.

Between working and researching ways to turn them back, and taking care of them, and obligations as Green Arrow and Watchtower, there had been very little to just be Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan.

"Hey." His voice was soft.
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Oliver rubbed a hand over his face as he knocked softly on Mia's door that morning. Chloe had left him a note telling him that she and Mike were taking a trip to the Daily Planet to see Lois, and that Mia was still sleeping. Figuring Chloe and Lois would probably be tied up for awhile, he figured it might be a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mia.

They had no idea yet what had caused Mia and Mike's reversal in age and the Winchesters were coming to town in the next couple of days to try and help them figure it out. Assuming they would figure out what caused the two to revert back to small children, and assuming they could somehow undo it, Oliver couldn't help but want to give Mia a little bit of a childhood that she'd clearly never had.

And if they couldn't figure out what had caused the situation, and Mia and Mike remained children, he knew they were all going to have a tough road ahead. But that didn't mean he wouldn't step up to the plate.

"Mia?" His voice was soft and he heard Fletch bark excitedly.
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Oliver's jaw was tight as he paced the floor of Watchtower.

He'd dealt with a lot of weird things since he'd first come to Kansas. Meteor infected people trying to kill his friends, aliens from other planets, and even an artificial intelligence possessing Chloe.

But demons?

That was a whole new level of weird, even for him.

Posting order: Michael, Chloe, Mia, Ollie.


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