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Oliver was tired by the time he got back to the Watchtower. It hadn't been a very good day. He'd spent the afternoon working on some things for Queen Industries, and then his car had broken down, making him late for the League meeting that he himself had called. That never put him in a good mood.

Taking the elevator up to the right floor, he paused when he caught sight of the entire group gathered around, looking upset.

"I know, I know, I'm late," he grumbled.
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Note: Each person's presents are locked for them and them alone. So Lois can't see Chloe's gifts unless Chloe shows them to her and vice versa.

For Chloe
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and This.

For Lois
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and this.

For Lana

For Clark

For Bruce

For Vic

For A.C.

For Bart
This and this along with a $2000 gift card for games

For Dinah
This and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package.

For Faith

For Buffy:

For Hoshi
$500 gift card for here.

For Bela
These and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Zatanna
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Lucy

For Mercy
$10,000 donation in your name.

For Willow

For Mia
$5000 gift card and a$2,500 gift card

For Caroline
A $1,000 gift card.

For Major Zod
A copy of this book.
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Oliver brushed some snow off his jacket before he climbed out of the elevator and stepped into the apartment that he, Chloe, and the boys had spent the last week and a half clearing out, cleaning up and getting ready to be lived in.

With the help of Bart, A.C., and Victor, all of the furniture that he and Chloe had acquired over the last two years (which, frankly, wasn't much--something Oliver fully intended to rectify in the near future) had been moved into the apartment the day before. He grinned when he spotted Chloe sitting on the floor, unpacking a few picture frames.

"Guess what." He grinned at her.
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All in all the mission had gone down without a hitch.

Bart had gone in and gotten the information they needed, destroyed several key machines that should put the scientists out of commission for at least a few days, and gotten out safely.

He'd also gotten out with a DVD recording of the security feed from the project from the last couple of days.

As they headed back into Bart's uncle's place, Oliver let out a breath as his gaze immediately rested on Chloe, still seated behind her computer, with Victor right beside her.
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With Willow's help, his clocktower apartment looked great. And while he normally hated Thanksgiving, and his spirits still weren't quite as high as he'd hoped they'd be, largely due to thoughts about the impending apocalypse, and the idea of Mercy spending the day completely alone and at work, he was hoping that the party would help some. The caterer's had brought a ton of Italian food that was set up in his kitchen, and there was plenty of liquor for the adults, which he fully intended to start on very soon.

He was hoping Chloe would show up with Bart soon, otherwise he was going to leave the place with his guests there and drag her out of the Watchtower.

When the buzzer sounded, he moved over to the security monitor, and pressed the button. "Come on up."
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Oliver was awakened sometime before three in the morning to the sound of a distant ringing. Squinting, he looked at the clock and supressed a groan as he sat up, looking down at the still-sleeping Chloe. He smiled a bit, then frowned as the noise came again. He crawled out of bed quietly, his eyebrows furrowing as he left the bedroom and headed downstairs where he'd left his phone.

Frankly, he was married to and lived with the only person he was in contact with on an sort of regular basis, so he generally left his phone elsewhere at night. Raking a hand through his hair, he crossed the floor of the living room, picking it up off the table.


He sucked in a surprised breath and quickly flipped the phone open, pressing it to his ear. "I'm here."


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