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He sat at his desk at LuthorCorp, still and silent, watching the clock intently. Only a half an hour left to go before he went public with his big announcement. His heart was beating quickly in his chest, his face a little paler than usual.

It was going to create a media circus, but it had to be done.

Come after me, you bastards, he thought silently, his stomach tight as he thought again what they might be doing to Chloe.

If this was the price he had to pay, he would do it, and gladly.

Even if he was slightly terrified.
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He stood on the roof of The Lucky Star, holding onto his crossbow. Normally he'd rather use an old-fashioned bow, but normally he wasn't going up against eight guys, either. Even Green Arrow had limitations. Which was why he'd called in a favor from a friend that he knew would be happy to help out.

"Are you in position?" he asked, his voice quiet and distorted as he spoke into the comm device.
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It had been a long time since he'd last patrolled. He could barely remember the last time, in fact. Between dying and then returning and being mostly confined to the Watchtower, Oliver had started to get very restless. And driving to Smallville to meet with Major Zod, and then with Tess, had not been enough to rid him of it.

He was looking forward to putting on the uniform and getting back out there again, but he was also on edge. Tonight would be Mia's first night of patrolling. And while he knew she was capable of holding her own, he was still worried.

It was why he'd been insistent that Bart come along. If things went south, he knew Bart could grab Mia and get her to safety before anyone could even blink.

Slade was still out there somewhere, and was keeping an eye on them. But even if he hadn't been concerned with that man, he would have insisted one of their other team members come along if Mia was going.

Oliver knew his limits. He didn't have super powers. He couldn't protect her the way that the others could. If things got bad fast, he had to make sure that Mia would be all right.

[Posting order Mia, Bart, Ollie?]
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Oliver was tired by the time he got back to the Watchtower. It hadn't been a very good day. He'd spent the afternoon working on some things for Queen Industries, and then his car had broken down, making him late for the League meeting that he himself had called. That never put him in a good mood.

Taking the elevator up to the right floor, he paused when he caught sight of the entire group gathered around, looking upset.

"I know, I know, I'm late," he grumbled.
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Note: Each person's presents are locked for them and them alone. So Lois can't see Chloe's gifts unless Chloe shows them to her and vice versa.

For Chloe
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and This.

For Lois
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and this.

For Lana

For Clark

For Bruce

For Vic

For A.C.

For Bart
This and this along with a $2000 gift card for games

For Dinah
This and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package.

For Faith

For Buffy:

For Hoshi
$500 gift card for here.

For Bela
These and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Zatanna
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Lucy

For Mercy
$10,000 donation in your name.

For Willow

For Mia
$5000 gift card and a$2,500 gift card

For Caroline
A $1,000 gift card.

For Major Zod
A copy of this book.
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Oliver brushed some snow off his jacket before he climbed out of the elevator and stepped into the apartment that he, Chloe, and the boys had spent the last week and a half clearing out, cleaning up and getting ready to be lived in.

With the help of Bart, A.C., and Victor, all of the furniture that he and Chloe had acquired over the last two years (which, frankly, wasn't much--something Oliver fully intended to rectify in the near future) had been moved into the apartment the day before. He grinned when he spotted Chloe sitting on the floor, unpacking a few picture frames.

"Guess what." He grinned at her.
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All in all the mission had gone down without a hitch.

Bart had gone in and gotten the information they needed, destroyed several key machines that should put the scientists out of commission for at least a few days, and gotten out safely.

He'd also gotten out with a DVD recording of the security feed from the project from the last couple of days.

As they headed back into Bart's uncle's place, Oliver let out a breath as his gaze immediately rested on Chloe, still seated behind her computer, with Victor right beside her.
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With Willow's help, his clocktower apartment looked great. And while he normally hated Thanksgiving, and his spirits still weren't quite as high as he'd hoped they'd be, largely due to thoughts about the impending apocalypse, and the idea of Mercy spending the day completely alone and at work, he was hoping that the party would help some. The caterer's had brought a ton of Italian food that was set up in his kitchen, and there was plenty of liquor for the adults, which he fully intended to start on very soon.

He was hoping Chloe would show up with Bart soon, otherwise he was going to leave the place with his guests there and drag her out of the Watchtower.

When the buzzer sounded, he moved over to the security monitor, and pressed the button. "Come on up."
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Oliver didn't sleep well that night. Even after deciding to go patrolling for another couple of hours after Bart walked in on him and Chloe, he still wasn't quieted enough to rest. He tossed and turned, alternately staring at the digital clock on his bedside table, and staring at the ceiling.

More than once he'd contemplated just going across the hall to Chloe's room to talk out what had happened, or better yet, spend the night in her bed. But he'd resisted.

He knew they were going to have to at least try and explain things to Bart today. He didn't think the younger man would say anything, if for no other reason than because he was now terrified of Chloe.

A faint smile touched his lips as he thought about how hot she'd looked pissed off like that. He groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes and willing his brain to shut off. Especially when it came to thoughts like that.

By sunrise, he finally gave up on the notion of sleep and rose from his bed, showering just to help him keep his eyes open, and heading down the hall to make coffee.
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Need to talk to you. Call me ASAP please.
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He watched her from the rooftop of a building across the street, a smirk on his face that was hidden behind his hood. It had been three weeks since he'd last seen her. Three long weeks in Star City, working at Queen Industries during the day and patrolling the streets at night. Three weeks of emails and a few phone calls and a couple of late night/early morning video chats.

And then he'd learned that there was another possible 33.1 in Kansas. He'd immediately contacted Chloe and she'd gotten to work on finding out everything she could about the possible location, and anything else she could dig up. So when she'd contacted him early that morning, he'd filed a flight plan with his pilot and returned to Metropolis.

Glancing down at his watch, he watched the glowing green digits flip from 11:59 to 12:00.

Then he pulled his bow from his back and fired an anchor line to the roof of the Planet.
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Oliver was awakened sometime before three in the morning to the sound of a distant ringing. Squinting, he looked at the clock and supressed a groan as he sat up, looking down at the still-sleeping Chloe. He smiled a bit, then frowned as the noise came again. He crawled out of bed quietly, his eyebrows furrowing as he left the bedroom and headed downstairs where he'd left his phone.

Frankly, he was married to and lived with the only person he was in contact with on an sort of regular basis, so he generally left his phone elsewhere at night. Raking a hand through his hair, he crossed the floor of the living room, picking it up off the table.


He sucked in a surprised breath and quickly flipped the phone open, pressing it to his ear. "I'm here."
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Oliver had only been in the hospital for a day (and not a full one at that) and he was more than ready to get out. Despite the fact that he'd lost enough blood a transfusion had to be performed, and the fact that he was in a great deal of pain (which he wasn't about to readily admit), he just wanted to go home.

But to no avail. Dr. Hamilton informed him he'd be there at least a couple more days before he'd have his freedom back.

"I hate hospitals," he grumbled, flipping through the TV channels once more.


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