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Note: Each person's presents are locked for them and them alone. So Lois can't see Chloe's gifts unless Chloe shows them to her and vice versa.

For Chloe
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and This.

For Lois
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and this.

For Lana

For Clark

For Bruce

For Vic

For A.C.

For Bart
This and this along with a $2000 gift card for games

For Dinah
This and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package.

For Faith

For Buffy:

For Hoshi
$500 gift card for here.

For Bela
These and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Zatanna
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Lucy

For Mercy
$10,000 donation in your name.

For Willow

For Mia
$5000 gift card and a$2,500 gift card

For Caroline
A $1,000 gift card.

For Major Zod
A copy of this book.
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Oliver had already completed the majority of his Christmas shopping for the season. But there was one item--the most important one on his list--that he really wanted a second opinion on. Lois was out of town for the week, visiting the General, and the other woman whose name came to mind just happened to be nearby on business.

Anytime Bela was in or even near Kansas, they made an effort to visit and catch up, so the timing had been perfect. Chloe was at work for the day, so he knew he'd have plenty of time to visit with Bela and get her thoughts on the particular gift in question.

Now he was just waiting for her to arrive at the clocktower.
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With Willow's help, his clocktower apartment looked great. And while he normally hated Thanksgiving, and his spirits still weren't quite as high as he'd hoped they'd be, largely due to thoughts about the impending apocalypse, and the idea of Mercy spending the day completely alone and at work, he was hoping that the party would help some. The caterer's had brought a ton of Italian food that was set up in his kitchen, and there was plenty of liquor for the adults, which he fully intended to start on very soon.

He was hoping Chloe would show up with Bart soon, otherwise he was going to leave the place with his guests there and drag her out of the Watchtower.

When the buzzer sounded, he moved over to the security monitor, and pressed the button. "Come on up."
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Oliver had only been in the hospital for a day (and not a full one at that) and he was more than ready to get out. Despite the fact that he'd lost enough blood a transfusion had to be performed, and the fact that he was in a great deal of pain (which he wasn't about to readily admit), he just wanted to go home.

But to no avail. Dr. Hamilton informed him he'd be there at least a couple more days before he'd have his freedom back.

"I hate hospitals," he grumbled, flipping through the TV channels once more.


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