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Oliver slowly paced the length of the room as they awaited the blood test results. He knew that Bart would be there shortly with Mia, and he'd sent another text to Michael letting them know where they were and that he should come, too. The rest of the team--AC, Vic, and Dinah, along with Clark--he assumed--were out on the streets trying to round up the Belle Reeve escapees.

But that situation couldn't be farther from his mind right then.

Not when he was about to find out whether or not he was about to be a father.

Every time he started thinking about that, he tried to make himself stop, to little avail. He didn't know the first thing about being a dad. He certainly didn't know anything about babies. Sure, he hadn't managed to screw up Mia and Mike in the weeks they were five year olds, but that didn't mean he was qualified for anything more than that.

On the other hand, the thought of a tiny life growing inside of Chloe, the idea that it was a tiny life the two of them had created from love, made his chest feel warm. And he couldn't help but hope that her instincts were right.

He wasn't aware of the fact that he was pacing until he heard Chloe clear her throat from where she sat on the exam table.

Posting order: Chloe, Lois, Mia, Michael, Ollie.
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He sat at his desk at LuthorCorp, still and silent, watching the clock intently. Only a half an hour left to go before he went public with his big announcement. His heart was beating quickly in his chest, his face a little paler than usual.

It was going to create a media circus, but it had to be done.

Come after me, you bastards, he thought silently, his stomach tight as he thought again what they might be doing to Chloe.

If this was the price he had to pay, he would do it, and gladly.

Even if he was slightly terrified.
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Oliver sat heavily on the steps of Watchtower, his shoulders slumped as he waited for Lois and the kids to show up. Sam and Dean had returned a few minutes before, and while Dean was leaning against the wall, Sam was staring at the computer equipment with something akin to fascination on his face.

He drew in a breath and glanced up as he heard Lois and the kids making their way into the room, and he rose to his feet slowly, despite his body's protests.


(Tag order Lois, Michael, Mia, Ollie, Dean and Sam?)
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Oliver was exhausted, but he paced the floor of Watchtower despite the pain and tiredness. Emil had already come by, advised him to rest for the next several days, saying that in addition to a concussion, Oliver likely had broken ribs and other fractures. In fact, Emil had wanted him to come to the hospital with him for x-rays, but he'd flat-out refused. There wasn't time for that.

Not when Chloe was missing.

But he was going to need all hands on deck for this one, and the first thing he had to do was call Lois and make sure the kids were with her and that the three of them were safe.

He dialed her cell number and waited. "Are Mia and Michael with you?" he asked by way of greeting the second she said 'hello.'
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Note: Each person's presents are locked for them and them alone. So Lois can't see Chloe's gifts unless Chloe shows them to her and vice versa.

For Chloe
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and This.

For Lois
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package and this.

For Lana

For Clark

For Bruce

For Vic

For A.C.

For Bart
This and this along with a $2000 gift card for games

For Dinah
This and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package.

For Faith

For Buffy:

For Hoshi
$500 gift card for here.

For Bela
These and Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Zatanna
Ultimate Day of Revitalization Package

For Lucy

For Mercy
$10,000 donation in your name.

For Willow

For Mia
$5000 gift card and a$2,500 gift card

For Caroline
A $1,000 gift card.

For Major Zod
A copy of this book.
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Oliver lay curled up on the sofa with Chloe in his arms, admiring the brightly-lit Christmas tree. The five of them had spent the late afternoon and evening decorating the entire apartment for the holiday, and sharing a meal that Victor had cooked for them.

He pressed a soft kiss to Chloe's temple, his hands resting lightly on her stomach. "This is nice," he whispered.
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With Willow's help, his clocktower apartment looked great. And while he normally hated Thanksgiving, and his spirits still weren't quite as high as he'd hoped they'd be, largely due to thoughts about the impending apocalypse, and the idea of Mercy spending the day completely alone and at work, he was hoping that the party would help some. The caterer's had brought a ton of Italian food that was set up in his kitchen, and there was plenty of liquor for the adults, which he fully intended to start on very soon.

He was hoping Chloe would show up with Bart soon, otherwise he was going to leave the place with his guests there and drag her out of the Watchtower.

When the buzzer sounded, he moved over to the security monitor, and pressed the button. "Come on up."


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