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Oliver made his way across Metropolis in under fifteen minutes, which considering mid-day traffic was pretty good. He parked the car in the parking lot of the high school and slid the keys into his pocket as he climbed out and headed toward the door. Opening it, he stepped inside and made his way to the front office, worry knotting his stomach.

She'd been so tired lately. He was glad he'd texted Chloe, and that Emil would be coming over to Watchtower to check on Mia.

Drawing in a breath, he walked inside the office, spotting Mia lying down on the couch. "Mia?" His voice was soft.
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Hey, Mia? Have something for you.

Here you go.
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Oliver hated hospitals.

And if he never saw another one for the rest of his life, it would be too soon. He paced the waiting room floor slowly, back and forth as they awaited news on Michael's condition.

"This is ridiculous," he mumbled.

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Oliver slowly paced the length of the room as they awaited the blood test results. He knew that Bart would be there shortly with Mia, and he'd sent another text to Michael letting them know where they were and that he should come, too. The rest of the team--AC, Vic, and Dinah, along with Clark--he assumed--were out on the streets trying to round up the Belle Reeve escapees.

But that situation couldn't be farther from his mind right then.

Not when he was about to find out whether or not he was about to be a father.

Every time he started thinking about that, he tried to make himself stop, to little avail. He didn't know the first thing about being a dad. He certainly didn't know anything about babies. Sure, he hadn't managed to screw up Mia and Mike in the weeks they were five year olds, but that didn't mean he was qualified for anything more than that.

On the other hand, the thought of a tiny life growing inside of Chloe, the idea that it was a tiny life the two of them had created from love, made his chest feel warm. And he couldn't help but hope that her instincts were right.

He wasn't aware of the fact that he was pacing until he heard Chloe clear her throat from where she sat on the exam table.

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Oliver waited for Mia to pick up her phone as he paced the hallway nervously.
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Oliver sat heavily on the steps of Watchtower, his shoulders slumped as he waited for Lois and the kids to show up. Sam and Dean had returned a few minutes before, and while Dean was leaning against the wall, Sam was staring at the computer equipment with something akin to fascination on his face.

He drew in a breath and glanced up as he heard Lois and the kids making their way into the room, and he rose to his feet slowly, despite his body's protests.


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Oliver rubbed a hand over his face as he knocked softly on Mia's door that morning. Chloe had left him a note telling him that she and Mike were taking a trip to the Daily Planet to see Lois, and that Mia was still sleeping. Figuring Chloe and Lois would probably be tied up for awhile, he figured it might be a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mia.

They had no idea yet what had caused Mia and Mike's reversal in age and the Winchesters were coming to town in the next couple of days to try and help them figure it out. Assuming they would figure out what caused the two to revert back to small children, and assuming they could somehow undo it, Oliver couldn't help but want to give Mia a little bit of a childhood that she'd clearly never had.

And if they couldn't figure out what had caused the situation, and Mia and Mike remained children, he knew they were all going to have a tough road ahead. But that didn't mean he wouldn't step up to the plate.

"Mia?" His voice was soft and he heard Fletch bark excitedly.
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Oliver's jaw was tight as he paced the floor of Watchtower.

He'd dealt with a lot of weird things since he'd first come to Kansas. Meteor infected people trying to kill his friends, aliens from other planets, and even an artificial intelligence possessing Chloe.

But demons?

That was a whole new level of weird, even for him.

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Oliver was sitting in one of the rolling chairs on the main floor of Watchtower, waiting for Mia to get home from school. There was a bit of yellow paint on his left hand. He glanced sideways to where Chloe was sitting a few feet away, and smiled at her.

He tapped his fingers lightly on the back of his chair. They had quite a few surprises in store for Mia that afternoon and he was lookiing forward to it.

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Oliver lay in bed, trying not to move, his hand still gripping onto his cell phone tightly. He blew out a slow breath, staring up at the ceiling and willing the time to pass quicker so he could have more painkillers. He'd been shot before, stabbed, cut, bruised, knocked unconscious, and had a variety of other injuries, but he'd never been burned before.

It was a pain all its own.
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Oliver sat on the roof of Watchtower, looking out over the city and watching as the sun set. He'd asked Mia to meet him there after she finished her homework for the day so the two of them could talk. He drew in a breath and let it out slowly. He heard her footsteps approaching the window and he glanced over his shoulder and offered her a small smile.
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The trip from Kansas to Missouri had taken a little over an hour, and thanks to the very high tech GPS tracking system in Chloe's laptop, it had only taken forty minutes to drive from the airport through St. Louis evening traffic to the motel where Michael and Mia were staying.

He glanced at her computer screen before they climbed out of the car, heading over to room #7. Raising his hand, he knocked on the door and looked at Chloe warily.

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Oliver was relieved that both Mia and Michael had agreed to the little impromptu ice cream evening Chloe had suggested. He thought after the last few weeks, they could all use a little downtime together, doing something casual and relaxed for a change. Not that Hawaii hadn't been nice. But with everything that had happened since they'd gotten back, it seemed like a distant dream.

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The jet ride from Kansas to Hawaii had been long, and most of them had dozed off and on during it. It had been a long time since he'd been to Hawaii, and he had been looking forward to it now more than he had even the first time he'd gone. And now, as he lay back on one of the sandy white beaches of Kauai, sunglasses on and a pina colada in one hand, he smiled, listening to the quiet sounds of the ocean lapping at the beach.

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He'd wanted to go to the community center immediately after getting Rick and the others off the streets, but an emergency call from Queen Industries had come in before he had the chance. He'd taken a flight from Metropolis to Star City, and had barely had four hours of sleep in the last three days as he finally made his way into the center. It was a bit earlier than usual, and the center wasn't open yet.

He let himself in, letting Mocha off her leash and chuckling involuntarily when she tore off into the direction of Mia's room. He shut the door behind him, heading toward the kitchen. He didn't drink a lot of coffee, but today he actually needed it. At least he was returning with good news though.
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Oliver sat in one of the stiff-backed hospital chairs beside Mia's bedside, his eyes lingering on her still form. Emil had said she had a serious concussion and she was being kept at least overnight for observation. In addition to the head injury, she had numerous cuts and bruises. And while some part of him knew she'd been lucky--they'd all been damn lucky considering who they'd been up against--he also couldn't help but feel responsible for Mia's current condition. Frankly, if it hadn't been for Zatanna, he was fairly certain they would all be dead.

He forced himself to draw in a breath and let it out slowly, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck. She hadn't woken up yet, and he'd lost track of how long they'd been there. Hours, for certain. Bart had come and gone several times, checking in and going for food. He'd brought Chloe at least two cups of coffee so far and Oliver glanced over to where she was seated on the other side of Mia's bed, looking every bit as worried as he felt.

"Don't you get tired of dragging loved ones into this, Oliver?" Slade's words echoed in his mind and he shut his eyes for a moment, trying to drown them out. He wasn't wrong. Not by any means. The last thing he wanted was for the people he cared the most about to end up hurt because someone was trying to get to him.

But somehow that's exactly what kept happening.

He heard the faint rustle of movement and he quickly opened his eyes, gaze darting to Mia's face. He rose to his feet as he saw her eyebrows furrowing slightly. "Mia?"

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It had been a long time since he'd last patrolled. He could barely remember the last time, in fact. Between dying and then returning and being mostly confined to the Watchtower, Oliver had started to get very restless. And driving to Smallville to meet with Major Zod, and then with Tess, had not been enough to rid him of it.

He was looking forward to putting on the uniform and getting back out there again, but he was also on edge. Tonight would be Mia's first night of patrolling. And while he knew she was capable of holding her own, he was still worried.

It was why he'd been insistent that Bart come along. If things went south, he knew Bart could grab Mia and get her to safety before anyone could even blink.

Slade was still out there somewhere, and was keeping an eye on them. But even if he hadn't been concerned with that man, he would have insisted one of their other team members come along if Mia was going.

Oliver knew his limits. He didn't have super powers. He couldn't protect her the way that the others could. If things got bad fast, he had to make sure that Mia would be all right.

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Oliver had taken the afternoon off from Queen Industries in order to spend some time at the Metropolis Community Center. The place was filled with activity: kids doing homework at some of the tables, some playing a game of pool, and others just sitting around talking and listening to music.

A smile touched his lips. It had taken months of planning to get the place built and finally opened, and the more time he spent there, the more time he wanted to spend there. He grinned as one of the kids played a game of tug-of-war with he and Chloe's collie-pup. It amazed him how much Mocha had grown over the last three months, but he'd never had a dog before, so he'd never given it much thought.

Shaking his head with amusement, he stirred the pot of chili he was fixing as he kept an eye on things.
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Oliver Queen was not a happy man as he stood in the middle of the crowd in the penthouse of one of the city's wealthiest politicians. His fingers were curled tightly around the glass of champagne in his hand, but he wasn't interested in drinking it. Not tonight. No, tonight, he was on duty, whether anyone else in the room was aware of it or not.

He'd been hearing disturbing rumors about the old man who was celebrating his sixtieth birthday that day. And not just about him, but about several of the other party-goers, as well. Several of whom happened to be employees at the Metropolis branch of Queen Industries.

So he'd come to find out for himself. Rumors weren't good enough, he needed to learn the truth, no matter how ugly it might be, firsthand. Which was the only reason he was there and not out patrolling the streets.

Chloe was having a girl's evening with Lana, which he knew both women were in need of considering how little Lex let Lana out of his sight. The thought of Lex Luthor only made him tense more.

He forced himself to take a deep breath and he nodded at a couple of familiar individuals as they wove through the crowd.

And that's when he spotted them.

A large, muscular man leading a young woman into the penthouse, his hand gripping firmly onto her upper arm. He could see even from where he stood that the girl wasn't happy to be there. He watched the way her eyes darted around the crowded room as though searching for an escape, as though the man holding onto her was going to let her out of his grip.

Oliver's jaw tightened as he glanced around, taking note of the fact that the birthday boy was nowhere to be found, and the beefy man was tugging the young woman down the hallway and out of sight.

Son of a bitch.

He hated when rumors turned out to be true.
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She'd gone up to take a shower nearly a half-hour ago and his worry was starting to kick into gear when he realized how long it had been. He murmured his intent to Chloe, who was trying to reach the other members of the league about a meeting the following day, and when she nodded, he kissed her forehead and took the steps two at a time.

He could hear the shower running, but just going into her room felt way too much like an invasion of privacy, so instead, Oliver settled himself on the floor outside her door, back resting against the wall, waiting.


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