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If you're doing a thread in a verse we share--you know who you are--whether it be [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories or a thread with another character in your LJ, etc...please leave a comment here with a link to it so I can log it. It'll be easier for me to track things this way. :D Thank you! <3
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"Smooth" by Car Stereo Wars.

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Your Dating Temperament is Choleric

When you're in a relationship it's important for you to maintain your independence.

No matter what, you keep your own interests and friends. You don't change for anyone.

You are confident and outspoken in love. You have no problem asking for what you need.

At times you can be a bit too forceful and dominant in relationships. You need to be with someone equally strong!

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The drive back to the clock tower was long and silent. He wanted to ask her what had happened, but he knew her well enough to know she needed some time to sort it out in her own mind before he started asking questions. It was no secret to anyone who knew them that Chloe and Tess pretty much hated one another, and had since they'd first met. He knew there were a lot of reasons behind that hatred, and frankly he didn't think it was something either of them were going to be getting past anytime in the near future.

He shut the car off once it was in the underground parking lot beneath the tower, and glanced over at her. When she didn't make a move, he slowly climbed out of the car and moved around to the passenger side, opening the door silently and unfastening her seatbelt.

"Put your arms around my neck," he said softly, wincing at the large bruise that was already forming beneath her right eye.
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It was a quiet night in Metropolis, Kansas.

Which considering the recent crime-wave that had brought him to the city in the first place, was highly unusual.

He watched the LuthorCorp building silently from a few rooftops away. Maybe it was time to get down to the other thing that had brought him to Kansas. Nodding slightly, he ran across the roof and jumped over to the next building, a little shorter building than the one he'd just been on.

He was about to fire a zipline to the company building when he spotted a figure down below, looking a little too interested in...picking the door lock?

He raised his eyebrows behind the dark glasses he wore and watched her for a moment. He couldn't exactly break in if someone else was already breaking in.

Which meant he'd have to confront her.

At least the night was about to get more interesting.
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You Get Your Energy From Action

You're the type of person who doesn't get excited until you get moving.

You like to be proactive, whether that means working hard or working out.

You can't stand to stay still for too long. There's things to do and people to see.

You are a natural motivator. You are good at convincing others to take action.

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Oddly enough, as the days came and went in a blur, the two of them fell into a routine of sorts. Wake up in the morning, he would fix breakfast, they'd watch a movie and take Nellie out for a walk on the beach. Then they'd eat lunch--either last night's leftovers, or take-out of some kind. After lunch, it was either napping or another movie, another walk on the beach, and dinner. Then early bed--together in his room, where they lay side-by-side silently until they fell asleep.

Neither of them talked a lot. He had nothing to say, really, that he hadn't already said a hundred times, and he tended to go completely silent if she brought up anything about Green Arrow.
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Metropolis was not the same as when he'd left four years ago.

He found himself walking slowly down the sidewalks of the city, a little taken back at how rundown things appeared. Buildings all over the city were littered with graffiti, and many had cracked or even broken windows. There was trash lining the gutters and streets.

Feeling wary, he made his way across the city and to the park, drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly as he sat down on a park bench, rubbing his hands over his face as he stared into the distance, his expression dazed.
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The party is in a large, classically-decorated ballroom, hundreds and hundreds of tiny white lights brighten the room.

A live orchestra is playing in one corner of the room, waiters and waitresses handing out Hors d'oeuvres from silver trays, along with glasses of fine wine and champagne.

Open twitter-verse based thread, but feel free to tag even if you're not necessarily in the verse, if your character wants to attend or has a passion for the cause.
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Oliver stood on the balcony of his penthouse suite apartment that night, staring blankly out over the city, then finished off the glass of whiskey, shutting his eyes as the liquid burned his throat all the way down. Letting out a breath, he pushed himself away from the railing and moved to set the glass down.

Lex Luthor was alive.

He was still trying to wrap his mind around that information. He didn't really understand how it was even possible. He rubbed a hand over his face as he made his way back into the penthouse.

The silence was shattered by the ringing of the telephone. He debated for a moment whether to bother answering it at all. It was either someone from Queen Industries calling with a work question, or it was a telemarketer. It was the only two kinds of calls he ever got.

Sighing as he glanced at the caller ID, he rolled his eyes at the 'Number Unavailable' reading.



He picked up the phone and pressed it to his ear. "So what are we selling tonight?" His voice was flat.
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You Are an Eagle

You are a deeply spiritual and wise person. Your still waters run deep.

You are very perceptive and intuitive. You often see what others are missing.

You are both responsible and fearless. You won't be deterred from your destiny.

You do what needs to be done, especially when others are afraid to do it.


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Your Dominant Personality Trait is Sensitivity

You are a warm, friendly, and considerate person. You think it's important to treat others well.

You work well in groups. You love to cooperate, and you are a true team player.

No one would ever accuse you of being selfish. You are sensitive to others' points of view.

You notice other people's moods and take them into account. You try to make sure everyone is happy.


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You Are Chili Fries

You are a freedom loving wild child. You have to be given the space to do your own thing.

You are curious about the world and extremely adventurous. Once you hear about something, you want to try it.

You are expansive and carefree. You don't take anything too seriously. You especially don't take yourself too seriously!

You have a great sense of humor, and you roll with the punches. You are definitely the opposite of a control freak.


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