Feb. 21st, 2011

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Oddly enough, as the days came and went in a blur, the two of them fell into a routine of sorts. Wake up in the morning, he would fix breakfast, they'd watch a movie and take Nellie out for a walk on the beach. Then they'd eat lunch--either last night's leftovers, or take-out of some kind. After lunch, it was either napping or another movie, another walk on the beach, and dinner. Then early bed--together in his room, where they lay side-by-side silently until they fell asleep.

Neither of them talked a lot. He had nothing to say, really, that he hadn't already said a hundred times, and he tended to go completely silent if she brought up anything about Green Arrow.
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You Get Your Energy From Action

You're the type of person who doesn't get excited until you get moving.

You like to be proactive, whether that means working hard or working out.

You can't stand to stay still for too long. There's things to do and people to see.

You are a natural motivator. You are good at convincing others to take action.


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