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There was faint smoke still covering the city as he made his way into the Watchtower. He wasn't happy about having to leave the city when he knew those towers were about to be finished, but an emergency at Queen Industries had left him with little choice but to take his jet back to California for a couple of days.

He stepped inside the main room and spotted Chloe in her usual seat. "Hey. Was there some kind of fire or--" Oliver froze, stopping mid-sentence when he caught sight of the cuts and the bruises on her face.

"Jesus, Chloe. What the hell happened?"
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Oliver had left Mia at her hotel room and headed directly toward Watchtower. Guilt was already tugging at him. Three of the four women in his life had been injured because of rotten choices he'd made years ago, and while he'd made amends with two of them, he still had one to go.

And it was the one confrontation he was dreading most.
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It was past Midnight.

He'd spent hours on the balcony of the Ace of Clubs after Clark had left, staring over the city blankly but not really seeing it.

He only had one drink, and it hadn't been nearly strong enough for what his body was craving. The short night had been the longest amount of time he'd been sober in weeks. Since the day of Jimmy Olsen's funeral.

Thoughts of Jimmy had made him think of the one person he'd done his best to avoid. The one person who'd been hurt most by everything that had happened. Whose life had been utterly wrecked. Shutting his eyes against his thoughts hadn't made them go away and he'd sucked in a breath, trying to steel himself against the pain.

Now as he stood on the doorstep of what he knew was called, quite appropriately, the Watchtower, he rubbed a hand over his face, his stomach in knots.

He'd faced Lois. He'd faced Clark.

He'd even faced Tess.

And he'd pushed all of them away, some more subtlely than others.

But this?

He wasn't sure he was ready to do this. But he had to. He owed it to her. He owed a lot of people a lot of things, but no one as much as her.

Reaching out, he knocked loudly.

And waited.



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